Saturday, June 21, 2014

Movie Thoughts

Candyman – believable, good storyline. Nothing extraordinary.

Under the skin – visually stunning but hard to shallow.

Inside – nonstop brutality, blood and gore. Brilliant.

The face of another – good existential film that gives you food for thought.

Spellbound – who knew that spelling competitions could be so exciting?

Mouth to mouth – coming of age within a hippie cult.

Brothers Bloom – more Wes Anderson than Rian Johnson.

Detour – one of the first film noir, short and memorable.

Dear Zachary, a letter – heart-breaking documentary, better than fiction. A must see.

The colour of pomegranades – visually stunning, no comments. 

Frank – my kind of movie, dark humour with an oddball character.

Calvary – dark but human, tapping into a sensitive subjective.

The beat my heart skipped – interesting character study.

Rush – lovely story and characters.

X-Men: Days of future past – weak script with one great scene.

The brood – early Cronenberg with a great concept, as always.

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