Thursday, February 28, 2013

My top Ten movies of 2012

 10. The Descendants
It’s a bittersweet symphony, this life

9. Cosmopolis
It’s one of those movies that while watching it I wasn’t quite sure if I liked it but at the same time I was strangely drown to what was happening on the screen.  A dynamic yet vulnerable main character surrounded by a couple of unique and slightly twisted supporting ones. All of them covered by a sense of decay, repulsive but so attractive. I found myself thinking about Cosmopolis day after the credits rolled down.

8. The Imposter
I was between this and West of Memphis but I thought that the Imposter was directed in a more interesting way (mixing interviews, old news reels and re-enactments using the real criminal). It wins a place here just because the story is such a ridiculous and crazy one that could easily be a farfetched movie scenario. 

7. Amour
No one can film death like Haneke does. It broke my heart watching those two ‘rotting’ away alone in their apartment. Ageing and sickness can be so cruel. 

6. Lawless
I liked it. Interesting characters, clear story, fun time watching it. What else do I need? 

5. Marina Abramovic: The Artist is present.

I am a sucker for portraits of larger than life personalities and Marina is one. I guess most artists are but this documentary is a deep look into, not only her life and work but also her motivations, emotions and thoughts. Inspiring in every way.
4. Argo
Won an Oscar didn’t it? 
3. Looper
Movies like Looper is why I love cinema. Smart, interesting, complex, intense, well developed characters, fun and easy to ‘consume’. 

2. Seven Psychopaths
The fact that I never stopped laughing throughout the film earns them a place in my list. I adore Martin McDonough’s writing and Seven Psychopaths is a hilarious comment in a writer’s block, worries and imagination.

1. Shame
Devastating. It made me feel the pain of the main character and Steve McQueen tackled this sensitive subject with respect and clarity. But if it wasn’t for Michael Fassbender...