Monday, January 27, 2014

This year’s Resolutions...

Things accomplished!

I found a new job, got a really good counteroffer and eventually stayed in the same company (which I never wanted to leave in the first place).

·        Moved to the team I wanted all along, got a promotion and a raise. BOOM!

     Made new friends and had an even better time at work (if that’s even possible).

·       People surprised me in a bad way - that made me see that you can’t always have it your way.

·       Got drunk and made a fool of myself - finally got over it and now I don’t give a fuck.

·        Slapped my boss – it’s not as bad as it sounds. Alcohol was involved by both parties.

·        Learned a lot about me and I am finally proud to call myself a feminist. Thanks Internet.

      I dyed my hair blue (I always wanted to do that) and I got myself a tattoo.

        Vienna, Brussels, Herne Bay, Chios, Istanbul, Oxford, Madrid the trips I made.

        Started kickboxing (responsible for my killer abs) and I am experimenting with pole dancing (that shit is difficult).

·         Took a creative writing course and that helped me with my procrastination problems.

·         Started a new script.

·         Walked the tide line 

       Volunteered in Secret and Future Cinema ventures (the Shawshank Redemption / Casablanca / Brazil / Ghostbusters) and once again in Frightfest.

        15 books read: 

        Bought a smartphone.

Things to achieve on my 28th year!

        As much as I love my current company I think that this year I will have to move on.
        Write, Write, Write – finish at least two short scripts.
        Revamp this blog and don’t abandon the updates.
        Take short courses – fashion maybe.
        Buy a sewing machine and start practicing – failed to do so last year.
        Start dancing – try a new exercise.
        Cook more and eat better (every year’s resolution).
        Watch roller derby and try?
        Get involved more with charity work.
        I think I want another piercing.
        Play around with the possibility of moving to another country or taking a sabbatical.
        Stop being jealous and experiment more.
        Don’t forget to fall in love.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thrown Away Memories

Memories we had and memories we could have. We occupied a space in time and filled it with our skins, fears, hopes and secrets. A part of our existence.
For a brief time I became aware of your presence in this world and tried to be a part of it. For a brief time you seemed to do the same. We collided and made something of our own. A part of me, a part of you, we built our memories and promises for more to come.
Now they lay in this empty space of ours. Memories that have been and memories that could be.Thrown away and discarded. I know them so well, I made them, I felt them to my bone and to this day their existence hurts.