Monday, January 27, 2014

This year’s Resolutions...

Things accomplished!

I found a new job, got a really good counteroffer and eventually stayed in the same company (which I never wanted to leave in the first place).

·        Moved to the team I wanted all along, got a promotion and a raise. BOOM!

     Made new friends and had an even better time at work (if that’s even possible).

·       People surprised me in a bad way - that made me see that you can’t always have it your way.

·       Got drunk and made a fool of myself - finally got over it and now I don’t give a fuck.

·        Slapped my boss – it’s not as bad as it sounds. Alcohol was involved by both parties.

·        Learned a lot about me and I am finally proud to call myself a feminist. Thanks Internet.

      I dyed my hair blue (I always wanted to do that) and I got myself a tattoo.

        Vienna, Brussels, Herne Bay, Chios, Istanbul, Oxford, Madrid the trips I made.

        Started kickboxing (responsible for my killer abs) and I am experimenting with pole dancing (that shit is difficult).

·         Took a creative writing course and that helped me with my procrastination problems.

·         Started a new script.

·         Walked the tide line 

       Volunteered in Secret and Future Cinema ventures (the Shawshank Redemption / Casablanca / Brazil / Ghostbusters) and once again in Frightfest.

        15 books read: 

        Bought a smartphone.

Things to achieve on my 28th year!

        As much as I love my current company I think that this year I will have to move on.
        Write, Write, Write – finish at least two short scripts.
        Revamp this blog and don’t abandon the updates.
        Take short courses – fashion maybe.
        Buy a sewing machine and start practicing – failed to do so last year.
        Start dancing – try a new exercise.
        Cook more and eat better (every year’s resolution).
        Watch roller derby and try?
        Get involved more with charity work.
        I think I want another piercing.
        Play around with the possibility of moving to another country or taking a sabbatical.
        Stop being jealous and experiment more.
        Don’t forget to fall in love.


Anonymous said...

We'll done! May your adventures multiply exponentially...

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