Friday, March 22, 2013

Fictional Characters I would like to meet: Mr. Darcy

After all these movie, song and book characters it’s safe to admit that Jane Austin created the perfect man. I suspect Darcy was based in some sort of guy she fell for in her days. Years of longing for the ultimate love (she was obviously a hopeless romantic), years of unsuccessful courting and years of rejecting possible suitors led her to pour all of her desires, fantasies, needs and experiences in one guy, a nonexistent that is. And yes Mr. Darcy is what any woman secretly wants. At the beginning he seems too quite, too boring and snob but at the same time he creates a sense of mystery around him. That is something that every woman in her right mind values. He seems to be effortlessly charming but he is fixated in one girl. He is not a social butterfly but he is capable of deep emotions that he rarely expresses (an other quality that women seem to value). He sure looks like someone I would love to go drinking with in order to seduce him and make him open up. A mystery to unravel for myself. In a world of fast communication where things are said but not meant he would definitely had been a rare exception. 

Monday, March 11, 2013


It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However you will choose to label Stoker (crime, psychological thriller, family drama) in its core is dark, twisted, creepy and pure gothic. It’s a slow burning mystery filled with symbolisms (some might say too many and too obvious). The egg, the spider, the shoes are all signs of an unusual coming of age.
I am not formed by things that are of myself alone, says India in the beginning. Like a puzzle missing his last piece she is waiting for her uncle in order to become free and to become adult. But in order to get there she will have to choose the pieces of her she wants to keep, the ones to discard and the ones to just accept. Driven by Park Chan-Wook’s stunning, directing job and aided by superb acting, brilliant music by my all time favorite composer Clint Mansell, Stoker is an unexpected twist on a girl’s journey towards adulthood. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s slow pacing at times, esoteric, too weird and the final revelation comes with a subdued power that will disappoint some. Not me. I am ready to start wearing high waist skirts, men’s sunglasses, grow my hair long and drive away to New York.