Monday, March 11, 2013


It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However you will choose to label Stoker (crime, psychological thriller, family drama) in its core is dark, twisted, creepy and pure gothic. It’s a slow burning mystery filled with symbolisms (some might say too many and too obvious). The egg, the spider, the shoes are all signs of an unusual coming of age.
I am not formed by things that are of myself alone, says India in the beginning. Like a puzzle missing his last piece she is waiting for her uncle in order to become free and to become adult. But in order to get there she will have to choose the pieces of her she wants to keep, the ones to discard and the ones to just accept. Driven by Park Chan-Wook’s stunning, directing job and aided by superb acting, brilliant music by my all time favorite composer Clint Mansell, Stoker is an unexpected twist on a girl’s journey towards adulthood. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s slow pacing at times, esoteric, too weird and the final revelation comes with a subdued power that will disappoint some. Not me. I am ready to start wearing high waist skirts, men’s sunglasses, grow my hair long and drive away to New York. 

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