Sunday, June 1, 2014

Imaginary Letter One

I envy their happiness, their pairing. The time they spend together. I envy the fact that they have each other.

I see them every day and I dislike the thought of them. They come in together, they leave together. They do nothing to annoy me but their existence, the thought of them, is enough to turn my stomach. They represent what I despise and try to avoid. Lack of personal space, boredom, lack of independence and settling down. I cringe with the sight of them and I want to smash my glass against their faces. I laugh when I remember their words of freedom, keeping appearances and never sleeping where you eat. Where is all that then? You represent all that I despise. You are all hypocrites.

I hate your happiness, your pairing. The time you spend together. I hate the fact that you have each other, someone, anyone. 

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