Friday, February 6, 2015

This Year!


New friends, Happy times, Glastonbury, Sadness, Glasgow, Dancing tests, Jazz, Zorbing, Mini Life Crisis, Greece, Books, Mini Failures, A new beginning, German Markets, Ghost walk, Back to the Future, Paris love, Gingerline, Initiative, Film premiere, Miller's Crossing, Hydra, Brother's wedding, Movie all-nighter, Mistake, Masks, Clint, Edinburgh, Frightfest, Marina Abramovic, Great theatre, Turkish party, Dj Shadow, Balloons, Mousetrap, Sivert, Canterbury, Up the Shard, Whitstable, Bournemouth, Interpol, Grand Budapest Hotel, The Crucible, The Nether, Who said anything about Death and more, Family Affair, Red Cross, Closure.

To Do

Move Job, Move House, South Africa and Beyond, Sonar, Barcelona, Dance, Brit Road Trip, Urban Exploring, Charity, Brave, Swimming, Fashion Design, Online Updates, Less Sugar, Tattoo no 2, Crazy Hair, Sewing Bee, Writing Plan, Freedom, Truth. 

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