Saturday, January 26, 2013


I am officially 27 and when it comes to New Year resolutions this is the time for me to make them. On my birthday (was four days ago but who counts).

 Things accomplished last year:

• I started my first official grown up paid job.
• I got to know some truly wonderful people.
• I had a short but meaningful relationship.
• Became more confident and flirted a lot.
• Gained a better sense of myself – strengths and weaknesses.
• I moved in a new house at last.
• My first short film (written by me) was finalized and participated in two Greek festivals.
• I had a new badass haircut.
• I finished two more short scripts.
• Discovered my go to drink – Rum and Ginger Beer
• Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Tinos, Dover and Bath the trips I made.
• Manage to somehow include more physical exercise in my daily schedule.
• Participated in three Secret Cinema ventures and the awesome Frightfest.
• 8 books read: American gods by Neil Gaiman, The Bloody chamber and other stories by Angela Carter, Early Masterpieces by Frida Kahlo , Early Masterpieces by Edward Munch, Cather in the Rye by J.D Salinger, Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates, the Virgin and the Gypsy and other stories by D.H Lawrence and a Greek book on Cinema aesthetics and history.
• I became a sponsor of a girl in Brazil with Plan UK.

Things to achieve on my 27th year:

• A new job closer to my goals with more money offered.
• Finish the crime short novel.
• Start working on my personal journal.
• Take creative writing and film short courses.
• Travel as much as possible – US in the planning.
• Do more exercise – swimming maybe.
• Cook more and eat better.
• Decrease sugar intake.
• Take fashion design short course.
• Buy a sewing machine and start practicing.
• Try roller derby.
• Read at least 10 books.
• More theater and museums.
• Get involved more with charity work.
• Get a new tattoo and dye my hair in a weird color. I think I need another piercing.
• Buy a Smartphone.

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